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Kehua 29th Anniversity

  • 2017-08-28

On 28th August, the occasion of the kehua's 29th anniversary, our company hold a grand celebration for all the staff, so that employees can participate in the relaxing and joyful activities to ease the pressure from work.

kehua 29 years' experience

In the past 29 years, kehua has become the leading provider of energy solution in mainland China. In the story of Kuhua, every common employee is equally important and enjoys his own experience in kehua.

kehua 29 years' experience

The story between kehua and us always begins with the train. After the induction training, a regular staff training make us keep pace with the kehua's step.

kehua 29 years' experience

Kehua's achievements can't be separated from the efforts of generations of employees. Kehua, keeping in step with international strong brand, aims to your reliable power solution expert.

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