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Kehua Launches the Latest MW+ Energy Storage Solution

  • 2017-11-21

In October, Kehua unveiled the new MW+ power station level energy storage solution. The new energy storage solution (ESS) can effectively regulate the power resources, which can balance the electricity difference between the day and night and different seasons. It is an important premise of renewable energy application and effective means to realize the interactive management of power grid. As a large energy storage system of power station, it can be used as the basic unit of smart grid to improve the reliability of power grid operation and to adjust the operation of power peak and valley to save the investment and energy loss of a large amount of power generation equipment.

The system consists of 2 units of PCS500k-B, 10kV/35kV transformer (oil/dry), measurement and control cabinet, auxiliary power distribution system and medium voltage distribution cabinet.

Kehua Launches the Latest MW+ Energy Storage Solution

In solar and wind power systems, energy storage is of great significance to improve energy efficiency and yields. As is often noted, these energy sources are intermittent in nature. By storing the energy produced and delivering it on demand, these clean technologies can continue to power our grid even when the sun has set and the air is still.

In low voltage side, the energy storage system is mainly used by the commercial and industrial user. It is of great significance to apply ESS system in large power consumption, load fluctuation and peak-valley price difference applications such as in factories, shopping malls, office buildings, charging stations, sports centers, etc.

Why do you choose our solution?

Kehua Launches the Latest MW+ Energy Storage Solution

How can we realize the above advantages?

Kehua three phase energy storage converter

Kehua Launches the Latest MW+ Energy Storage Solution

New battery technology

Kehua Launches the Latest MW+ Energy Storage Solution

LiFePO4 battery system adopts three levels structure: BMU/BMS/MBMS. The system consists of multiple battery module units (BMU), with a dispersed management system (BMS) for battery pack was designed by way of bus communication (MBMS).

Energy management system

Kehua Launches the Latest MW+ Energy Storage Solution

About Kehua

KEHUA TECH has experience of 29 years in power conversion and protection industry and is the market leader for solar inverters in China. KEHUA offers a wide range of products and solutions including Central PV System, Distributed PV System, off-grid system and Energy Storage System. Its products and solutions have been widely applied in commercial and industrial users from North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mid-East, amounts to 4.5 GW solar installation around the world.

To learn more about Kehua ESS solution application, please click on : http://www.kehua.com/solution01-04.html.

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