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Kehua Upgrades the Aging Power System for Nanning Railway Bureau

  • 2017-11-10

During the National Day–Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, statistics from the Nanning Railway Bureau showed that a total of 4.53 million passengers traveled by Nanning Railway, a 19.7 percent increase year-on-year, 527 thousand on the Oct. 1st, setting a new record in daily passenger traffic.

Kehua Upgrades the Aging Power System for Nanning Railway Bureau

Nanning Railway Bureau is a regional railway bureau under the jurisdiction of China Railway Corporation, taking charge of seven trains and seven high-speed trains, through 4 provinces including Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong and Guizhou, with a length of 5804 kilometers. In 2016, 88.16 million trips were made on Nanning Railway, accounting for 3.1% of China’s total volume, and 93.13 million tons of cargo was transported by the Nanning Railway, 2.8% of China’s total volume.

The booming of passenger volume poses a great challenge to the ticketing, dispatching and freight sytems. Thanks to Kehua reliable power solution, the IT center of Nanning Railway Bureau Offices has taken the challenge in stride.

Kehua Upgrades the Aging Power System for Nanning Railway Bureau

The UPS system of center IT room has been run for really a long time. With the fast growing business and increasing load capacities, the original system is unable to do as well as users would wish. And that’s where customer will meet a tower of strength in Kehua power solutions: a large capacity UPS matrix along with distribution cabinet and wiring upgrading, configuring 2 groups of 2+1 parallel system and 1 group of 2+1+1 parallel system. The three systems intersect and form a dual way power for all IT equipment and devices, greatly improve the reliability of whole power system.

All the underlying problems like aging of UPS equipment and inadequate capacity have been resolved by the upgrading reforms. Meanwhile, the power systems have obtained the redundancy and expansion to satisfy the development demand of IT room for the upcoming years, and the new system could guarantee the security in operation and production of IT Office and the administrative areas of Nanning Railway Bureau.

About Kehua

As the supplier of the traffic power protection and system integration solution, Kehua is devoted to provide the reliable secure and efficient turnkey solution to the urban mass transit, airport, railway and expressway, helping the development of electrical safety and energy conservation in the modern integrated transportation system. For now, Kehua’s reliable power protection and energy-efficient integration and system integration solution has covered near 70 rail lines in more than 30 cities across the country.

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