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Xiamen Metro Make the First Appearance—A Succeed Application of Kehua Urban Mess Traffic Solution

  • 2017-10-11

The super long-awaited sea-view metro has come! During the National Day vocation, Xiamen Metro Line 1 has begun the experiential running. On the morning of 6 October, Kehua, the supplier of the Line 1 engineering power system solution, has been invited to be the first passenger. Let’s guide you to the Xiamen Metro Line 1.

Line 1 in full view

-The landscape and the seascape. The Xiamen Metro Line 1 connects the Siming District, the Huli District and the Jimei District, through servals scenic spots including the Zhongshan Park, the Jinbang Park, the beach, the Jimei Educational Institution and the Xiamen Garden Expo, with a length of 30.3 kilometers. When the metro arrives at the overground part of the Line 1 Seawall, between the Jimei Educational Institution Station and the Gaoqi Station, the seascape and the buildings of Jimei Educational Institution will be in panoramic view.

-Digital information display. Since the passage enters the station, he is surrounded by the digital information display, the passage can conveniently get the information of line and ticket from the screen.

-Multiple ticketing systems. 1. By the TVM (ticket vending machine) 2. By the APP in mobile 3.By the QR code 4. By the E Pass, the same as the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) .

- Comfortable design. The metro vehicle adopts the Standard B, with the maximum number of passenger accounts for 2062. In the carriage, the low-noise inverter air-condition and the silence and insulation material have been adopted to ensure the comfort.

In order to celebrate the starting of the experiential running, the AMTR (Amoy Metro) has presented the metro with the systems of Kulangsu, the National Day and Mooncake Gambling, being a real surprise for all the passages.

Kehua solution doubles the security

Metro operation is a complex system consisting of the communication, signal, integrated supervisory control and so on, which are the important first level loads assuming the responsibility of the transport environmental monitoring, information transmission and passage guidance in the metro, requiring the high reliable power supply for the quality and continuity of power supply.

Kehua has provided Metro Line 1 with the engineering power system solution composed of hundreds power units, making sure the power supply of UPS integrated power, railway special communication, public security communication, integrated supervisory control, AFC (Automatic Fare Collection System), ACC (AFC Clearing Center), platform screen doors, emergency power supply and AC / DC power supply unit for 35kV substation.

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